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Welcome to Hal’s Custom Rods

Hal's Custom RodsHal’s Custom Rods are built with your needs in mind. You shouldn’t have to settle for off the shelf rods when you can have the exact tool that you need.

I can build your next rod for fishing any technique you can think of;  drop shot, cranking, spinnerbait, topwater, flipping, Carolina rig, Texas rig, senko’s, you name it and I can design a rod to perfectly fit your fishing style.

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Hal's Custom Rods

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Hal’s Custom Rods
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Phone: 843-430-0997

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Our Custom Rods

Hal's Custom Rods

Blanks I select blanks from various manufacturers to meet your budget and the performance requirements you desire.
Handles Many different handle types are available, both pre-made and custom.  Handle materials include cork, EVA foam, composite grips (carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.), wood, acrylic, and flocked foam.
Reel Seats Casting rods are built using castaway fully exposed reel seats. Many other reel seat options are available including the 2-part Pac Bay Minima reel seats. Spinning rods use an in house, custom spinning seat that decreases weight and increases comfort.  Factory reel seats and Tennesse Handles are also available.
Guides I use guides manufactured by Fuji, Batson, and American Tackle. This allows optimum flexibility to meet your performance and price requirements. Offering multiple brands also extends our frame and ring material offerings. Most of my bass rods are built utilizing “micro” guides.  These smaller than normal guides help reduce weight on the tip of the rod.  This increases rod sensitivity and decreases angler fatigue.Properly spaced “micro” guides also increase casting distance.
Upgrades The main focus at Hal’s Custom Rods is on weight reduction and performance.  That doesn’t mean that extras that add some “bling” to your rod are not available.  Some extras are purely cosmetic while others can enhance performance. Available options include, but are not limited to, tiger wraps, team decals and color schemes, snake skin inlays, multicolor guide wraps and trim bands, and custom inscriptions.

Warranty Policy

  • No questions asked replacement within the first 30 days if the break is a result of DEFECT*. I do not warranty breaks due to misuse or negligence (stepped on, slammed in car door, high sticking, etc.).

*Typically, a blank defect can be determined  by looking at the type and location of break. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs to us and the return shipping.

  • After the first 30 days or negligence there is a 50% replacement fee* with return of damaged rod. You also have the option of a repair quote which may be less than the replacement fee.

*The customer is responsible for shipping charges to us and back to the customer.

Delivery time

It depends on what you order. Some rods we can have ready in a week while some may take three weeks. An accurate delivery time will be given to you at the time of purchase and updates will be available throughout the building process.


Shipping is $25 for USPS Priority Mail. All rods are insured for the purchase price and up to two rods can be shipped for $25.

Rod costs?

The cost of your custom rod is up to you as the buyer. I will walk you through the many options and upgrades available. This gives you the ability to help determine the price based on your budget and your individual needs.

About Hal’s Custom Rods

Hal's Custom Rods

Hal’s Custom Rods are built for your fishing style.  I listen to what you want in your rod, weight reduction, more comfortable handle, and any other performance characteristics that you desire.

Hal Lambert

I begin by interviewing you to find out exactly what you need from a rod, your budget, and arrive with several blank options for you.  Next, I will suggest the proper components to help your rod perform at its best.  Once we reach an agreement and your deposit is received, I will begin constructing your custom rod for delivery.

Have questions after the sale?  I am here to provide you with support and help answer any questions you may have.

Freshwater technique and task specific rods include  shakey head, senko, Carolina rig, Texas rig, drop shot, spinnerbait, crankbait, flipping, pitching, frog/slop, jig, topwater, jerkbait, skip, punch and more.

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